8 May 2013

Today I am going back to the kindergarten for my second visit. I visited on the 17th of April for the first time to see what the kindergarten was all about, how they worked, and the way children were taught.

I found the kindergarten was a very fun and easy going environment - although there were rules to what the children were and were not allowed to do. The children were allowed to stay inside and play as well as activities, such as: jigsaw puzzles, memory games, reading books, creating work made out of cardboard boxes and glued on accessories. Outside, the children were free to play on the playground, play in the sandpit and dig holes with plastic shovels and cups.

When it came to learning time, the children were very keen to listen and keep concentrated. Sat on the map, one of the kindergarten teachers read them a book. The children also each had the chance to stand up with a number and sing one-ten in Maori.

I think the kindergarten was a great environment for children to be in educationally because they were able to enjoy themselves while learning not only numbers and words, but also how to treat other children around them.

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7 April 2013

I finally have been accepted by a kindergarten. They have agreed to let me come in and work with the children and teachers for work experience. I am excited about this opportunity as it will give me an insight as to whether I would like to work in a career with children or not, as well as a fun time hanging out with kids. 

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3 April 2013

Today I am researching from even more sources early child development, the way they learn, when they start school (and what they learn when they start school). I am putting the resources I have found into a document and will print them later.

I am also waiting for a confirmation as to whether the kindergarten I have chosen will accept my offer.

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20 March 2013

Today I am researching child psychology & the way children learn. I am taking down notes on this and will later write a new post about it.

Later when I am able to visit a kindergarten and help out the children, I will be able to put the information I have learned already together with the information I learn from the kindergarten.

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27 Febuary 2013

Today I got my project accepted, and developed it further. I also did some research into the tests we could use to test the children on. I found quite a few tests that include memory games and other activities which will not only be informative, but also enjoyable for the children.

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My Impact

This Tumblr was set up for Isabella’s school Impact Project (a project which we can benefit from as well as the community).

This year I have decided to work with kindergarten children. I am going to visit a kindergarten on Wednesday’s to help the teachers, as well as the children.

I will also be updating this blog weekly, after every kindergarten visit.

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Starting soon!

~from Isabella <3

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